Easy Consult Ltd.


Easy Consult is a flexible Workforce Solutions company with more than 20 years of experience & success in the area of Human Resources. The company is with international presence across 12 offices in 5 European countries and one of the market leaders in Bulgaria.

From entry-level to executive management, our experienced teams of more than 100+ certified Recruitment Specialists implement the latest innovative practices in the HR industry. We take personal approach to find top talents and match them with the most suitable employers, delivering both accelerated business results to our clients and contributing positively to our candidates’ career growth.

Understanding the importance for organizations to have a flexible approach to workforce management, in the last two decades, we have successfully built expertise and streamlined our offerings in Recruitment, General Staffing, Outsourcing and Professional Staffing in the following rapidly developing economic sectors - Finance & Banking, BPO & Shared services, Manufacturing & Engineering, Hospitality & Cruises, Logistics & Retail, ICT. 

In a competitive and tremendously developing IT and IT Outsourcing market in Bulgaria, Easy Consult has created a dedicated team of skilled and technically aware professionals to respond to the most demanding and urgent needs for Software development, Technical and Infrastructure support and Customer care experts and leaders in the field.  

Our Mass recruitment business line guarantees speed and constant supply for the Helpdesk and Customer support function of our clients, for blue-color workers in manufacturing or white-color workers in the retail and food industries. We have built a strong language capacity and thorough understanding for this functional family throughout the numerous successful “one job profile – many vacancies” projects.  


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