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Pipelife - Pipes for Life...

Pipelife is one of the worlds leading suppliers of plastic pipe systems, currently present in 26 countries. We manufacture and market a wide range of quality pipe systems, providing tailor-made solutions for municipal infrastructure as well as for the industrial and house-building sectors.

Mission, Vision, Motto
Our business activities are focused on the development, manufacturing and distribution of plastic pipe systems. We provide solutions for the complete water cycle, energy and power distribution, for telecommunication networks and industrial applications.
Pipelife's unique position of providing customers with excellent services and products is the result of constant improvement and innovation at the highest quality level.
Outstanding competence, extraordinary team spirit, and visionary management are the key factors for being no.1 in terms of customer satisfaction.  

Pipelife Vision
The NUMBER ONE value creator in our markets

Pipelife Mission
Improve quality of life by providing high value solutions for the protection and flow of water and energy

Pipelife Motto
Pipes for Life! 

Principles & Values
7 key principles form Pipelife's corporate values. We are globally committed to 

Invest in quality of people first
We know that our people are Pipelife's most valuable asset and make the difference. At every level of our organisation we want our people to become "best-in-class". Therefore, to constantly increase the quality, we are committed to invest in training and development of our people.

Go the last mile for the customer
Our focus is external - on customers. As we have excellent co-operations with our customers we are aware of their needs and preferences. We are committed to go the last mile for our customers to satisfy their high demands. 
Focus on innovation and speed
Innovation and speed are the driving forces in our company. It enables us to create new products and technologies as well as processes. Innovation is the result of professional competence and creativity and enables us to deliver outstanding results to our customers. 
Run lean and unbureaucratic
We are committed to a lean and unbureaucratic organisation in order to set our focus primarily on our customers and employees. 
Improve performance every single day
We are looking to always achieve world-class results based on ambitious targets, benchmarked with our competitors. For this reason we strive to improve our performance constantly. 
Act honestly, with integrity and citizenship
Pipelife and its employees are committed to act in full compliance with international and national laws as well as internal regulations. We are following socially, economically and environmentally a policy of a responsible citizenship. 
Work hard, oriented to results, yet have fun
We strive to provide our employees with a stimulating and challenging working environment, where we can also have fun, while expecting from them a high level of performance, oriented to results. 

Regional Allocation
Due to management purposes, Pipelife has allocated its whole worldwide presence into 5 different regions, that are all headed by a Chief Operating Officer, who is in charge of the daily business and the strategy of the respective region.

To learn more about the single regions, please click on the respective links within the picture below.

Milestones of History
Foundation of Pipelife as a Joint Venture of Solvay (Belgium) and Wienerberger (Austria) with activities in Austria, France and Germany 

1990 - 1993
First expansion of the Pipelife Group through acquisitions and foundations of companies in Hungary, France, Germany, Greece, Turkey, Czech and the Slovak Republic.

Integration of the Solvay pipes and fittings activities in The Netherlands, Belgium, Spain and Portugal. 

1995 - 1998
Start of operations in Slovenia, Croatia and Romania. Acquisition of Davinyl, Sweden

Marks another very important year for Pipelife. With the acquisition of the Mabo Group, Pipelife achieves a leading position in Northern Europe (Norway, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania).

Also Wienerbergers pipe activities in China are integrated in Pipelife.   

Another important year of expansion. By acquiring Jet Stream, situated in the state of Arkansas, the company enters the North American market. Also trading activities in the UK and Ukraine are initiated.

Business expansion into Russia by opening a Sales Office in Moscow

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