InterGest Bulgaria OOD под 5 заети служителя

Who are we ?

InterGest Bulgaria is a Bulgarian registered company. It is part of the international InterGest organisation providing business administration in 60 countries worldwide.

InterGest Bulgaria was established in 2001. Its Director is Dr Maya Neidenowa.

What services are provided?

InterGest Bulgaria was formed to assist foreign businesses in establishing a base in Bulgaria for manufacture, trade or distribution. TheInterGest network prides itself on offering the most up-to-date and cost-effective method currently available for developing foreign markets through company-owned subsidiaries.

Our services and systems are designed to assist the exporting company in developing an optimum concept for the establishment and administration of a foreign subsidiary or permanent establishment in Bulgaria.

The services available include:
- Legal advice, tax consultancy and auditing
- Drawing up and consolidating balance sheets, monthly and annual tax returns
- Company formation (with notary public)
- Invoicing, general accounting and accounts receivable, collection
- Personnel consulting, acquisition and recruitment
- Payroll accounting and social services
- Bank account management and computer-aided international cash management
- Business accounting with reporting, statistics etc.
- Transport and customs clearance
- Stock management