Hebros Bank / HVB Bank Biochim

HVB Bank Biochim is the fourth largest bank in Bulgaria with total assets of BGN 2 billion (about EUR 1 billion) as of the end of 2004 with a market share of 7%. HVB Bank Biochim is part of the largest group in AustriaBank Austria Creditanstalt (BA-CA). BA-CA is a member of HVB Group – one of the leading financial institutions in Europe.


On March 1, 2005 BA-CA and HVB Bank Biochim finalized the deal on the acquisition of Hebros Bank. HVB Bank Biochim is owner of 10% and BA-CA acquired 90%. With total assets at about BGN 2, 6 billion (EUR 1, 3 billion, as of end of 2004, according to the banks’ unaudited reports issued by BNB) HVB Bank Biochim and Hebros Bank become a strong number 3 among the banks in Bulgaria. Jointly they are especially well-positioned in the lending business: their combined market share of 11.4% makes them Bulgaria's second-largest lender. The two banks are a very close second in the area of business loans, with a combined market share of 11.2 per cent. HVB Bank Biochim and Hebros Bank hold excellent positions in the Bulgarian banking market. Together they have about 2 500 employees serving more than 600 000 clients in over 220 branches and offices in Bulgaria. They rank third in the retail lending sector (consumer loans and mortgage loans), with a combined market share of 10.6 per cent. In the deposits of clients business the two banks are the number 4, with a market share of 8.3 per cent. 

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