The company is established in 1967 in the town of Tervel as a small plant for manufacturing of thermo-active plastics – mainly household goods.


- By the end of the 70s we started the production of PP yarn and PE foil, and since 1983 we produce PP sewn bags, block bottom bags and flexytainers.
- The production of flexible big bags (FIBCs) began in 1990.
- BOPP film manufacturing started in 2004. Major increase in production capacity took place in 2010 with the commissioning of a second BOPP line.
- CPP film production started recently in 2012.

We currently manufacture and sell to local market, Europe, Asia and Africa.
Since November 1998 Plastchim-T AD is the only one license-holder of Portabulk® System of Hydro Packaging (Cronus) in Bulgaria.
The Quality Management System includes all activities of the company regarding design and manufacture of polyolefin flexible packaging – containers, sewn and block bottom bags, polypropylene twin, blow moulding foils from polyolefin, polypropylene fabric – sleeve and flat, recycling of technological scrap as well as the manufacture of polypropylene films.
The Integrated Quality Management System includes ISO 9001:2008 and Food Safety Management System Standart ISO 22000:2005 certified by LRQA Approval Certificate 368026 and 368026/A.