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Dynamic Zones Research Lab

Dynamic Zones International B.V. with headquarters in The Netherlands have opened a new high tech research lab in Sofia, Bulgaria

The best and most talented developers will gather together to determine the future of the next generation internet applications.

The purpose of the Dynamic Zones Research Lab is to investigate the needs for rich internet applications, produce experiments and develop the core framework and components of the next generation internet applications.

Areas of Research
The main area of research will be Flash Frameworks and reusable components - the building stones of many RIA applications.

The second research area will be DHTML Ajax, development of a high-end Ajax framework of components that will work together next to the Flash Framework.

The last but not least area will be a server-side framework. Developed in languages like ASP.NET and PHP to build a support and storage network for the front-end frameworks.

Career Opportunities
As a member of the Dynamic Zones Research Lab you will have the unique opportunity to be part of the new internet revolution. You will be on top of all new high-tech internet developments. You will get recognition from developers all over the world – because your work will be well known.

You will get a chance to work together with most talented people in the rich internet applications area.

Next to all public advantages and career opportunities, you will also get a good market-conform salary for your full time work for the Dynamic Zones Research Lab.

About Dynamic Zones International
Dynamic Zones is one of the pioneers in web communities and related technologies.
Started in the year 2000 with a web developers community, Dynamic Zones has now grown to a huge network of web communities allowing web developers to share their knowledge worldwide.

Our goal is to deliver the best communication platform and offer the best tools and solutions for the developers to share their knowledge and discover the newest technologies.

The most popular communities of Dynamic Zones International are:
• DMXzone.com - Community for Web Developers
• DNzone.com - Community for .NET users
• FLzone.com - Community for Flash users
• FWzone.net  - Community for Fireworks users
• CFzone.net - Community for ColdFusion users

The communities have more than 500.000 registered members and receive about 5 million unique visitors monthly.

Next to the regular users publishing at the communities we also publish e-books and e-magazines on various topics on a regular base.