Office 1 Superstore
Sofia more than 300 employees


For more than 23 years, Panda Cooperation has been the undisputed leader in the field of office products and a preferred partner of over 130,000 business clients. Office 1 successfully develops its portfolio in the field of furniture and furnishings, offering its customers ergonomic, high quality and modern products. The range of over 110,000 products is also complemented by a wide selection of equipment and supplies, computers and accessories, promotional materials, hygiene products, luxury products, gift offers and everything you need for students, schools and kindergardens.

The company has built the largest and automated warehousing and logistics center in the industry for Southeast Europe, which also has its own printing base. Its area is 12,860 square meters, and the investment - class A, which is currently over 20 million levs. The logistics warehouse is equipped with its own photovoltaic plant and automated order processing system.

In 2018, Panda Cooperation acquired the rights to the Office 1 Superstore brand worldwide, and in 2020 it was rebranded and today is called Office 1.

Currently, the company employs over 400 employees, distributed in the head office, in the company"s offices throughout the country, in the store network of 66 sites and in the modern warehousing and logistics center. The obligations of the highly qualified employees are related to identifying the requirements of the modern office user and offering personal solutions.

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