Bulgarian International Business Association (BIBA)

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How BIBA started

The Bulgarian International Business Association (BIBA) was founded in April 1992 as a non-profit organization bringing together many of the largest foreign investors in Bulgaria. The founders of BIBA are British Gas, the Bulgarian-American Enterprise Fund, International Computers Limited (ICL), Pricewaterhouse, Rank Xerox, Shell Bulgaria and the ITT Sheraton. The founding members identified as main objectives of the association the bringing together of international businesses in Bulgaria, representation of their interests and provision of services to the association's member companies.

BIBA today

The voice of the international business community

BIBA represents the interests of the international business community vis-a-vis the Bulgarian authorities and by drawing on the expertise and know-how of its members functions as a catalyst for the creation of a better investment climate and business infrastructure. 

Ten years later, BIBA is one of the most influential non-governmental organizations in Bulgaria promoting foreign investment in the region and maintaining an ongoing dialogue with the Bulgarian authorities. Currently BIBA has over one hundred and eighty members from twenty-four countries. It is now a well-established and working business association.


BIBA vision

Incorporating a large number of foreign businesses in the country, BIBA aims at becoming a model self-supporting organization, offering first-class service to its members, standing for professionalism, expertise, standard and style of performance. 

BIBA aims at becoming an important factor in Bulgarian economic and social life in its capacity as a representative of the major employers and owners in this country.


BIBA objectives

-         to represent the interests of the international business community vis-a-vis the Bulgarian authorities

-         to aim at improving the business and investment climate in Bulgaria

-         to function as an information exchange tool 

-         to pool the know-how and expertise of its members on doing business in Bulgaria and place it at the disposal of its members

-         to encourage the commitment of its  members to the advancement of the Bulgarian society

-    to assert a new culture and new business ethics as well as international standards and quality of performance.