KASS -2 Ltd.

KASS was founded in 1992 as a human resources consulting company. During the years of our existence we established a reputation for reliability, expertise and integrity, allied to personalised and business like approach. Our assignments range from recruitment of executives in sales, administration, finance, accounting, marketing, IT, etc. to appointment of senior and middle managers. KASS Consulting Centre was registered in 1997. It covers a wide range of personal and company consulting services, development of professional and career strategies, as well as personnel management and training.

Our mission is to consult clients in recruitment, selection and decision making process as well as training and improvement the effectiveness of managerial and executive teams.

Organisational  structure
Organisational behavior and culture
Recruitment and personnel selection
Team building and training
Job description and job evaluation
Problem solving
In-house surveys and data analysis

Labour market information
Professional orientation
Personal motivation and training
Competency analysis and assessment
Personal strategy for success
Job seeking and applying for a job
Job applications, letters etc.
Interview procedures
Employment regulations and payment

Kate Angelova, CMC - Managing Director, MS in Economics,
Major: Statistics, Specialisation: Sociology of Labour
Experience: Management Consultant, CMC Assessor, Trainer, Lecturer
Achievements: Certified Management Consultant                      Certified CMC Assessor at BAMCO
Membership: American Management Association Int. (Brussels),
Bulgarian Association of Management Consulting Organisations
/BAMCO/, Institute for Management Consultants (UK, London).

Dr. Milena Dobreva - Information Technology
Dr. Veselin Kanchev - Organizational Development and Management
Mrs. Snejana Nikolova, ASSA - Management Accounting and Audit
Dr. Dimitar Panayotov - Organisational Psychology and HRM
Mrs. Plamena Borissova - Project management

Allied Domecq - Bulgaria; Ernst & Young  - Bulgaria; KPMG - Bulgaria; GlaxoSmithKline- Bulgaria; Kaliman RT - Sofia; Holcim  Group Bulgaria; MM Consult Ltd., Sofia; Kraft Food - Bulgaria; Stind AD,Sofia; Drujba AD - Plovdiv; Ipoma AD - Sofia; Yamaha - Bulgaria; Global Medical Ltd., Sofia; Union Commercial Bank Ltd., Sofia; QBE Int.Insurance - Bulgaria; United Bulgarian Bank; Uniroyal Chemical - Bulgaria; Franke - Bulgaria; Team Vision Ltd.; Vitosha Research, Sofia; Rekordi , Sofia; Granitoid AD; Granitoid AD; Vizatel , Sofia; Mission Without Borders International - Bulgaria, Granitoid AD; Vizatel , Sofia; etc.

KASS 70 Neofit Rilski Str., floor 3, apt.5, 1000 Sofia
tel/fax: 981 0644, e-mail: kass@bol.bg, www.kassconsult.bol.bg

Identifying Clients Needs
We work in a team with our Client in every specific assignment to identify companys needs - discussing the nature of the Clients business, the context of the appointment, duties and responsibilities of the position, skills and experience required, as well as other characteristics needed, terms to attract the best candidates, etc.

KASS Database Search
After identifying the kind of person likely to succeed within the company we search through our database for specialists who meet our Clients requirements.  The candidates in the database are registered after filling an application form and in-person interviews, designed to specify personal motivation and competence for the type of job desired.

Candidates Assessment
We invite the selected candidates for a preliminary interview with KASS consultant in which an evaluation of candidates qualifications and performance is made. We assess how they match the requirements of the position and make sure they appreciate the nature of the job and the opportunity to be a member of our Clients team. We introduce our Client to the candidates.
The Client is frequently reported about the assignment progress. A short list of successful candidates is presented to the employer.

Appointments and Interviews
KASS consultant schedules mutually convenient meetings between the Client and each candidate. The consultant joins the final interview with the successful candidate and assists in negotiating the terms and conditions of the appointment, remuneration, etc. Personal references are taken up as a final check, if required.

Follow up
After the appointment of the selected candidate we keep close contact both with the client and the new employee during the trial period, providing assistance in adaptation and integration of the newcomer within the company. This helps both, us and the Client to review the success of the assignment and gain knowledge from the experience.

KASS Consulting Center is designed to provide professional help to both companies and individuals get oriented  in the complex business environment relating to human resources and the Bulgarian labour market after 1989.
When looking for a job people meet a number of difficulties. With KASS recent experience and knowledge on the labour market we can help them cope successfully with the following:
- preparation of job application documents: resumes, cover and motivation letters, other papers required for a specific position
- interviews procedures and preparation hints
- design personal strategy for marker orientation and career development based on individuals qualification, skills, professional experience and objectives.
- help the individual with learning techniques for successful performance and provide a list of target companies,  etc.

In consulting organisations we concentrate on understanding and appreciating the importance of the people within the company. The complexity of the jobs in the recent years requires a new level of knowledge and skills. In the case of growing demands for qualified employees it is difficult for the manager to find the most suitable person for a certain position, to motivate the employee work effectively and integrate him/her to the companys life. In this direction we can:
- give client professional opinion on personnel management within the organisation
- help clients create comfortable work environment and learn more about what their people want, are they satisfied etc.
- help client design training programs according to companys needs and specific goals for successful performance
- help client appreciate the significant role of team playing and grow  own company  specialists
- help client in changing organisational structure when economic demands arise
- KASS performs researches,  in-house surveys, database analyses, etc.