UNIVERSAL qualification and consulting agency лиценз № 962/15.07.2008 г.

Sofia 20 - 50 employees


UNIVERSAL qualification and consulting agency is a consultant in the field of human resources.

Our mission is by means of the consulting and the services that we offer to be useful to you when you create, structure and manage the most suitable team for your company.

UNIVERSAL qualification and consulting agency offers a full package of services, including consulting, attendance and training in the following directions:
 Human resource planning and development.
 Recruitment of personnel.
 Professional and psychological selection of personnel.
 Leasing employees.
 Work teams forming.
 Individual and team psychological diagnosis.
 Human resource audit.
 Human resource motivation and management.
 Managing change and conflicts.
 Training and development seminars.
 Organisational behaviour and business communications.
 Labour law consultations.

Since its foundation in 1995 UNIVERSAL qualification and consulting agency strengthened its position as a partner of big multinational companies and prosperous Bulgarian firms working in directions such as banking and insurance, financial and accounting services, information technologies and telecommunications, electronics, food industry, chemical industry, trade, advertising, international transport and courier services and others.

The team of UNIVERSAL consists of highly qualified specialists with integrative experience in the area of human resource management and training. With their professionalism they contribute to finding out the appropriate and perspective solutions where is needed.



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