ЕксТемпоре ООД Агенция за подбор на персонал Лиценз №1041 и 1042/18.12.2008

ExTempore is an innovative consultancy whose philosophy is to create flexible solutions in the marketplace for our clientele. 
ExTempore is uniquely positioned to provide clients and candidates with a superior solution.
Having experience in dealing with both small and large scale campaigns we at extempore guarantee success for everyone involved.

We at ExTempore strive to:
- Develop and enhance our outstanding reputation;
- Nurture strategic and meaningful relationships;
- Deliver superior results.
Our Selection Process:

- Advertising for the organisation in question through various means;
- Screening of applicants through CV’s and contacting referrals provided by them;
- Conducting both one on one interviews and group assessment centres throughout the country (Bulgaria);
- English proficiency exams to ensure language competence.
Training Provided
On request, ExTempore can conduct training to the successful candidate prior to the candidate starting employment with the organisation.
Training Courses offered by ExTempore include:
- Customer Service (Exceeding Customers Expectations);
- Importance of Team Work;
- Modes of Communication;
- Importance of a Good Corporate Image;
- Leadership Skills.

ExTempore Guarantees:
- Enthusiasm;
- Professionalism;
- Discretion;
- Innovation;
- Flexibility.
Ms Vessela Melamed
Tel: +359885601145
Email: v.melamed@ex-tempore.com
Mr Stylianos (Stelio) Frangou
Tel: +359884937112
Email: s.frangou@ex-tempore.com
   26, Pencho Slaveikov Blvd.
   1606 Sofia
   web: www.ex-tempore.com