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It’s what’s inside that counts

Join an organisation that has the reach, scale and critical mass to address the really big issues for the really big players in the global economy. 142 countries and 125,000 professional people: numbers like this only tell part of the story.

Our clients include many of the global leaders in key market sectors and high-growth organisations in national markets.  But far more important than size is that our own vision, courage and creativity mirror that of our clients: working with them as business partners, we can help them change and re-invent themselves to thrive in a fast-changing business world.

For you, there’s a valuable parallel in the breadth of experience you will gain, and in the opportunities you will have to become part of integrated, multi-discipline professional teams.  On paper you may be focusing on a particular specialism; in practice, the problem you’re addressing for your client may have many other components and dimensions – human resources, business systems, the integration of change.  This lets you go deeper into your chosen specialism, and gives you greater access to other areas of our business – areas that could well provide the right context for the next stage of your career.

To imagine that process and what it could mean for you, let us introduce our key business service lines in PricewaterhouseCoopers Bulgaria: 

Assurance & Business Advisory Services
Central to all our work in this area is the audit and the services, which are built around the insights it provides.  Thus, as well as fulfilling our audit role, we also provide assurance to clients on their management structure, information systems and controls.

Transaction Support and Corporate Finance
We focus on the strategic development of businesses, including the purchase or sale of business, securing new loans or equity and assisting in the development of new projects.

Tax Consultants
We provide counsel on all tax issues relating to all areas of business.  We provide more than simply tax advice.  We provide complete solutions for business by blending the professional skills of knowledgeable tax and accountancy advisors, and lawyers.

Human Resource Services
We support the Human Resources (HR) function of leading international and local companies to recruit, retain and motivate first-class managers, executives and employees.

As an individual reading this brief presentation, you will have started to form your own view of whether the values and the vision of our organisation appeal to you. 
You will have been identifying how you may be able to develop you career with us. 
If you appear to have the qualities, experience and educational attainment, which will make you a strong candidate, we will arrange an interview with you.

So, the first step is for you to visit our website:, go to the “Careers” section and find out what our application requirements are.

For information regarding our HR services and external recruitment, please email to