Амфора Капитал АД
София 10 - 20 служителя


Despite the unfriendly economic conditions there is always room for the best. We are after people with vision, energy, aspiring to learn and develop. Willingness to adapt and utilise their best qualities to the daily challenges of a dynamic corporate finance environment is key. Ability to overcome hardships and possessing resilience toward achieving long term goals are of conditions precedent.
We need people with open mind and positive attitude, willing to create and leave a positive footprint with their daily conduct and any trivial or grand act.
Amphora Capital's business is not just means to survival. It has always and will create value for the clients, communities and the people involved in it. Positive gain for all its stakeholders is key. By joining this dynamic team you will become part of this value-targeting and delivering culture for yourself and everyone else involved.