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You know that DHL is one of the largest companies in the world.

But do you know that one of its critical development centers with global significance is in Sofia, Bulgaria? And that the Bulgarian office manages two our two other locations – Prague and Cologne?

DHL Freight Enterprise Software Solutions (ESS) is part of the DHL Freight organization - one of the top world-wide employers with more than 13 000 employees. DHL Freight ESS has played a central role in the biggest digital transformation in DHL Freight, changing the daily work of thousands of employees in Europe. Our team is developing and maintaining a comprehensive transport management system (TMS) with a successful roll-out in 8 countries, that aims to replace all existing systems in more than 32 countries. Since its origin, the team has been involved not only in the pure implementation of the business logic and technological evolution of the system but the overall organization around the project and the design of the business processes into the application. We are expanding our development team not only in Sofia and Prague, but also in a new location – Cologne. The success of this project is due to our great team working with their heart and mind and their full involvement in EVO project.


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When DHL Freight decided to open R&D center in Bulgaria the goal was to launch “EVO” - a unified transport management system that will bring the organization into the digital feature while we stay true to the principal that we are connecting people and improving lives. EVO allows its users to execute all important functions from order entry to invoicing in a single application

The project started 5 years ago out of necessity to unify and digitize the logistics process. In the early stages there was a discussion on whether the project should be IT-driven or business-driven. A couple of established IT companies offered solutions which were not approved. The decision was taken to establish and internal R&D team that will work in collaboration with business to achieve the goal. In 2017 one of DHL Freight‘s key managers suggested Sofia as a great place for a development team. Once the decision was taken, a talent hunt begun. The first of the recruited talents was the person who was going to become the future head of development and soon 4 top JAVA developers followed. This was the beginning of the EVO project in DHL Freight ESS.4 years after the start, the team now consists of 50 people working in our Sofia office (now at home) and 2 new R&D locations were added - Prague and Cologne.

If you are interested in the technical aspect of the project – our team is developing, testing and supporting JAVA Enterprise solutions with large bandwidth (data processing and data transfer), data reliability, data security, EDI integration and the full lifecycle of a supply chain system.

If you are interested in the business aspect of the project – the systems requirement specifications are being directly communicated with business professionals from across the globe who have over 20 years of experience.

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Корпоративна култура

All successful companies are only as successful as their employees are. In addition to the interesting work, empathetic leaders and innovation happening here and now because of our professionals we have a good benefits package.

We are taking care of the wellness of our teams - when they are in the office they can relax on the massage chairs, play foosball, PlayStation, board games, mini basketball or just read a book. They can work on the balcony and enjoy the mountain view. We encourage the sport activities in the nearby fitness or anywhere that they want with a sport card. In addition, when they want to work from the office, they have a free parking space.

We want our people to have a work-life balance and that‘s why we are giving them flexible working hours and remote office. We care about their health and providing them with private health insurance and additional days off for each year they are with us. A part of the wellness program is to provide a good pack of food vouchers and presents for special occasions. One of the most important benefits that we provide is a life insurance.

As part of the corporate culture and work environment our employees are inspired to continue growing professionally and we support them in their career development with training‘s and growth opportunities.

The work environment in DHL Freight ESS can be described as a feeling of empowerment. Here we encourage our people to rise up to any occasion. We are accepting and supportive and we provide an environment where people can develop their potential and reach beyond what they have dreamed about.

It is worth mentioning that the team grew with a steady pace over time and the management facilitated strong working relations between the people which is why we have the supportive work environment. This is valid even now during the COVID-19 crisis. Our team continued to deliver what is expected and beyond. We care about our DHL family - people come first and we never stop learning.


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We know that you have access to many great opportunities, but if being a part of a young and autonomous team of professionals sounds appealing – we are your people. And yet, we might be young (our average team age is 32) but we do have rich professional experience and have grown up to the task to create and test a complex product that will be used around the world.

Come, let‘s transform together how one of the largest companies in the world functions. All that we need to consider your application is a CV or LinkedIn profile.


The recruitment process in DHL Freight ESS may vary between the different teams. We are staring the process by finding more about the IT skills of the applicants - this happens either with a technical assessment HackerRank (for Java Developer position) or with a practical task assignment (for Web Developer). Upon successful completion of the first step we invite talents for the next step - technical interview. If the evaluation of the technical skill on both stages is positive and the person is a good match to the particular team, we send them a job offer and prepare to welcome them to our team.

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