Sofia 50 - 300 employees


Soitron is a Slovak company, established in 1991, with headquarters in Bratislava and offices in the UK, Turkey, Romania, Czech Republic, Poland and Bulgaria. 

The company operates in the area of system integration, info-communication integration and IT outsourcing with more than 850 employees and consolidated annual turnover of more than 130 million EUR. 

In Bulgaria, Soitron has been operating since May 2013 as the focus of the company’s business here in Sofia is outsourcing and the managed services model in providing outsourcing. Currently, the company has already over 220 employees: people in different areas of expertise such as project management, pre-sales and sales activities, and technical experts.

There are several multilingual teams with the main five European languages: Italian, Spanish, German and French, whereas of course, English is essential.

Soitron employees can benefit from different social benefits and opportunities for professional growth depending on personal needs and professional competences.

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