NOMENDUM is a start up business born in Lyon, France. We are now based in Dublin, Ireland. Our founders are SAP project managers and IT architects for 10 years. We are a small team with a great mission. We at NOMENDUM, we create and implement full scaled IT solutions for SMB and larger organizations. We like to build powerful and easy to use applications, we love top notch servers, we want happy customers and proud developers and system admins.


What we do?

Since 2011, NOMENDUM invents, maintains and sells the SAM SYSTEM - a complete information department for all businesses. Focus now on what makes the most of the business. Our unique proposition makes business earn time, rigor and resources and go up to the next level! Our customers benefit of competitive advantages: connection to SAP systems, EDI, marketplace...and lot more.


Want to jump in?

We want to find skilled IT specialist, juniors and seniors and build a dream team with whom we will build the SAM SYSTEM together. We want to give them interesting challenges and perspectives, international

work environment, training and coaching.

Do you feel like going on board the “Enterprise”? Well, you might not meet Klingons nor go to “where no man has gone before” but you could be beamed up with NOMENDUM team and have your share of interesting missions to do...!

No boring and too easy assignments with us, count on it!

You can find a list of updated internships offers at the following address:

Feel free to apply, we'll consider you resume and we'll enjoy replying you as soon as possible.

Join the revolution!

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