DK Global Recruitment


DK Global Recruitment as a company is the result of our many years of experience in the International Recruitment sector as well as in Human Resources, Business Consulting and Sales. The company personnels have been working with Large International Companies mainly, in terms of external selection of candidates. We also have extensive experience in advising our Clients on the feasibility and the staffing architecture of their future projects and needs, much before those same become a reality.

With all this knowledge and understanding, acquired through close partnerships and dedication to work with our business partners, we finally decided that it is the proper time to open our own business and to implement the ideas we had conceived in the previous years.

We are ready and proud to state that we are experts in the Multilingual (BPO) field of Recruitment, and we also have advanced understanding and experience with other Recruitment fields – from Junior to Executive-levels of positions. We provide external sourcing, pre-screening and in-depth selection of candidates and future employees of our established Clients.

In terms of working with our Candidates, we have always concentrated on due diligence, any type of advice if requested, the providing of an overview and detailed information on roles applied to, as well as alternatives when those are available and suitable for the specific candidate.

We are going to continue serving our Clients and our Candidates at even greater Service Levels and respect.