TORO GROUP S HR Consulting Company


Toro Group S is the Bulgarian representative of the International Consultancy Organization People Solutions International, registered in London. PSI is represented in 24 countries around the world and operates with 44 offices and 130 consultants.

Main part of the structure of PSI are the practical teams which function on international level and combine international know-how and local expertise. Each practical team develops one of the following business sectors: FMCG, Automotive Industry, Banks and Finance, Pharmaceutical sector. Participating in the international practical teams our consultants develop specific experience and competence in the given business sector.

Due to the affiliation to PSI, Toro Group S Consulting Company is able to partner to its clients for the realization of trans-border HR projects and pan-European search for positions which are specific and deficient on the local market.

People Solutions International is represented in: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, United Kingdom, Germany, Denmark, India, Ireland, Spain, Italy, China, Luxemburg, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, France, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Hungary, Switzerland, Sweden.


The Mission

  • To create solutions related to the human factor in the organization by investing our positive thinking, energy, creativity, persistence and flexibility.
  • To built relationships between our consultants and the managers, as well as between the present and potential employees of the client companies. In the meanwhile we also work for the efficiency of the relations in the clients organizations.
  • To encourage development and growth, our own and those of our clients and partners.  


The Values

Toro Group S is not a brand, capital or know-how. Toro Group S is a team of people, who follow their vocation and dreams,

who incarnate commitment, loyalty, ambition and team spirit,

who believe that the business in Bulgaria can and must have a human face.


The facts

  • Toro Group S is born in 1998.
  • 13 employees and a similar number of external consultants work for the Consulting Company.
  • The clients of Toro Group S are companies – leaders in the sectors they operate in.
  • 55 % of the clients are international companies.
  • 70 % of our business is due to returning clients.



Toro Group S Consulting Company is a member of BHRMDA (Bulgarian Human Resources Management and Development Association) and of BIBA (Bulgarian International Business Association).


Our Services:

§         Advertised search

§         Executive search

§         Psychological and professional assessment

§         Assessment Center

§         Secret Shopper

§         Outplacement activities

§         Soft skills training

§         Specialized training for HR professionals

§         Outdoor team adventures

§         Coaching for managers

§         Organizational development consulting

§         Leasing of personnel




Sofia 1113,  26 Dragan Tsankov Bul., fl.1, app.1,

tel./fax: 02/963 3858, 963 0447, 0887 255 660, 0898 516 849    


License 292/ 0.12.2004