Bauhaus Consultants Ltd


Bauhaus are a specialist recruitment agency for the telecommunications, data centre and EPOS sectors. We have been established for 12 years and we are based in Manchester, UK although our jobs are in all parts of the UK.


There is currently 10 billion Euros being invested in the UK's fibre optic and mobile telephone network and there is a large demand for telecommunications professionals such at Fibre Optic Engineers and Technicians, Copper Jointers, Cable Pullers, Data Cabling Engineers and Technicians, BTS Engineers and Technicians, Telecommunication Riggers, Surveyors and Project Managers.


We want to attract telecommunications professionals from Bulgaria to come to work in the UK because Bulgarian engineers are very professional, have good qualifications and have good knowledge of the English language.


Interviews will happen by Skype and you will have lots of opportunities to ask all questions.


The only thing we cannot promise is the weather!


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