Ekleft is one of the leading and most professional companies in Europe providing its clients in Europe, USA, Latin America  and the CIS with a range of services related to the development of projects in creation, implementation and support of information technology with varying degrees of difficulty.

Ekleft is a team of over 1100 highly skilled professionals with expertise in various areas of informationtechnology.


The Company began its operations in Europe in 2008 opened first office in UK. We also have sales offices in London, Frankfurt am Main, Strasbourg, New York.
The rapid growth of Ekleft and its appearance among leaders in the domestic market place is largely due to its participation in major international projects and its long-term cooperation with other leading companies from various industries.

However, we’re are not resting on the laurels, but are using our accumulated industry and project experience to ensure greater and consistently higher quality work and constant expansion of our portfolio of services to further benefit our customers.

We are moving along with the times, using the best practices of design and automation of processes as well as the most advanced information technology available on the market today.
Ekleft has positioned itself as a valuable employer who cares not only about the working conditions of its employees, but also about the realization of their creativity and professional growth.

We deeply value our relationships with our customers, among whom you will find such the large domestic and international companies such as Media-Markt-Saturn, SAP, Accenture, Deloitte, Ernst & Young, Bearing Point, and others. We are extremely attentive to the feedback which we receive from them about the quality of services which we provide to them.