Secure Group



In a nutshell, Secure Group is an international software company with a product line of secure devices, applications, and communication management solutions. Yes, we develop and sell products and solutions for end-to-end encrypted mobile communication.

Our commercial headquarters is in Montreal, Canada, while our main R&D center, Secure Group Lab, is in Sofia, Bulgaria. Moreover, we boast a partner network that spans across five continents. 

What drives our development process and business is the ambition to create and deliver solutions for mobile communication that guarantee people’s privacy. All of our work is custom and done in-house.


As a growing company, we have tons of projects to work on. But a lot of companies juggle many projects. What we do at Secure Group, however, stands out because it’s challenging, custom, and innovative.

What do we mean by that? We develop solutions for encrypted communications, which brings a certain degree of responsibility, and honestly – a lot of challenges.

When we say challenges, we mean that in a good way. We built, maintain and constantly improve our custom version of Android OS, which is, well, challenging. Not to mention the services we offer our clients to manage the security of their communication. The responsibility, on the other hand, comes from the fact that whatever we develop, it affects the privacy of our users.

That’s why we employ methods and work with technologies still not widely popular in Bulgaria, such as Docker, Kamailio for VoIP, etc.

But perhaps one of the things we are most proud of is the way we nurture our talent, and the freedom of resources we give our people to not only do their job but also enjoy it. Courses, training, in-house sessions – you name it. That’s what matters when you want to work with talented and passionate people.