Claps srl


We are looking for 100 entertainers for the winter and summer season!

Claps is a company specialised in recruiting, selecting  touristic entertainers for tour operators, hotel chains, entertainment agencies and holiday resorts. To be a Claps  Entertainer you are part of a team which believes in good friendships, solid team work and where everyone is working together to achieve the same goal. You will be working in a hotel in Greece/Spain mainly in a beach resort so we will leave it to your imagination to in-

Skills / Industry Qualifications Required:

1) German speaker;
2) Experience in sports or social activities;
3) Language skills;
4) A positive and healthy outlook on life;
5) Good communication skills;
6) A willingness to approach and communicate with people;

Required Language Skills:

  • German - Good
  • Salary 600 euro per month