EC BUL - Member of NSF International


EC BUL positions itself as a reliable partner for international consumer chains and local producers in the retail and HORECA sectors with regard to food safety and quality management  in the food-processing and placement of food / non-food consumer products and services.

EC BUL offers a broad holistic range of services that are strictly tailored to the specific client needs:

• technical assistance in developing own brand products;

• specialized audits for the retail sector; • hygiene conditions and good hygiene practice audits; food safety audits; infrastructure adits for HORECA providers;

• specialized studies for the food-producing / food-processing industries;

• consultations concerning the national and European legislation in food and non-food consumer products safety;

We are a partner to our clients. We cooperate with them to: • Stay updated on new food safety legislative framework developments; • Stay updated on new legislative developments in cosmetics and detergents; • Intercat with the competent control / public authorities; • Develop, upgrade and mintain their own product / service brands; • Secure reliable suppliers; • Manage client complaints and quality control; • Introduce and maintain food-safety systems and standrads; • Manage their good hygiene practices and maintain hygienic conditions; • Acces external audit services for hotel infrastructure.

EC BUL supports the above processes through an integrated and tailor-made approach to each client and each environment, on several levels: audit and control, research, training, operations support, consultations, technical assistance.

As a member of NSF International, EC BUL also operates in the intrenational technical assistance projects / public funding field. We specialize in international events management for institutions / training purposes (food safety topics), and also in framework projects of the European Commission for mobilizing international short-term expertise.