Planet Bulgaria JSCo


PLANET BULGARIA is a subsidiary company of PLANET S.A. – a leading Greek management and project consulting company, established in 1987. PLANET S.A. is privately owned, having as shareholders its top management, senior people engaging in key roles and the National Bank of Greece as an institutional shareholder. A company with a strong international presence and long-standing successful experience in management of consultancy projects for business clients, EU Technical Assistance and large number of Framework contracts.

PLANET BULGARIA has started back in 1995 and since then it has significantly contributed to the convergence of Bulgarian economy to the dynamic EU environment, through implementing several technical assistance projects for public administration that consolidated the administrative capacity of the transport sector and strengthened the capacity of public administration and judiciary. It has also assisted several leading banks and SMEs to successfully restructure, introduce new services and expand business.

Building on this successful experience, PLANET BULGARIA has now expanded its operations in the country to further develop its dynamic service portfolio in Bulgaria and in the neighboring region.