CGL MS EU Ltd is a representative of Colmex Pro Ltd, a leader Global Investment Firm.
Colmex Pro is a regulated specialist in investment services catering to investors and institutional clients. During the last years, Colmex Pro has been considered as one of the most recognized, respected and trusted brands in the Financial industry and takes great pride in collecting and sharing the most relevant and reliable information available with our clients.

Located at the crossroads of Europe, Middle East, Asia and Africa, and through a network of globally selected counter-parties, Colmex Pro is well-positioned to provide its clients with fast and reliable executions and more importantly, protection for their money. 

This in turn enables Colmex Pro to provide its clients with a transparent, sincere and lucrative operating structure in a flexible, highly respected regulatory environment. 

Using Colmex ProTrader, Colmex WebTrader, Colmex Desktop Pro, Colmex MT4 and Colmex MobileTrader, clients can trade FX, CFDs, Stocks, Fixed income, Futures, Commodity CFDs, ETFs, Options and other derivatives.

CGL MS EU cooperates with Colmex Pro on a professional level and perceives that onboarding professional people will enable them to contribute towards a continuous and sustainable success. As a company, we’re ambitious, entrepreneurial and success- driven. We believe that our approach plays an important role and our success is fueled by a natural curiosity, clear purpose, appreciative colleagues, and sense of fun.

Our Core Value is Performance and we live by it.