Lift HR Solutions


Lift HR Solutions is a recently established HR start-up, created with the inspiration to deliver smart HR solutions to organizations, by applying a holistic and innovative approach and by “lifting” individuals to grow and fulfil their professional aspirations.

Our driving motive as professionals and individuals is the belief, that people are the “beating heart” of each business, vital for its sustainable presence and growth. 

One of the key factors in our strategic fusion of  Managing Partners has been to bring our vision to live. We are all senior professionals with a diverse blend of industry know-how, career and mind set variety, outliving the dream of seeing the end of the “average services” era in HR and dedicated to the mission to design employer- and employee- friendly HR solutions, “lifting” the happiness factor in the organization.

We are here to ignite your HR process and help you save time and resources to insure your recruitment needs are better addressed in the following segments:

  • IT
  • Financial and Accounting Services
  • Procurement services
  • Supply chain services
  • ….

Your personal information shared with us is considered strictly confidential and will be treated as per the guidelines of the Personal Data Protection Law.  

Lift HR Solutions EOOD has license No. 2005/22.02.2016 for providing human resources services, valid for Bulgaria.