Радекс-РР ООД


Review offers the right clothing for every occasion, character and mood. The fashion house finds the perfect balance between classic and avant-garde and creates a unique style. The clothes are subject to the idea of timeless femininity and exquisite taste. The women who chooses Radeks collection, loves to be the center of attention. She is energetic, colorful and different. Radeks is a leader in the manufacture and sale of outwear in Bulgaria. The fashion house enjoys popularity in Austria, Greece, the Netherlands and Sweden. The collections of Radeks have won twice the prestigious prize “Silver Lion” for ladies coats Collection Winter 2007 and Winter 2008 in the National Trade fair “Made in Bulgaria”. The fashion house uses natural materials such as cashmere, tweed, linen and cotton for their collections. The color palette is avant-garde, the lines of clothing are modern and comfortable.