IGreen Ecom & Consulting Services


What makes us stand out?

Day by day, IGreen Services redesigns the framework of online businesses with its flexible and reliable Consultancy Services. Our portfolio of services is diverse, we offer solutions to improve our clients’ company structure and activities or consultancy for creating and implementing medium and long term business plans. We are a young experienced team, with innovative ideas that offers daily performance and measurable results to our clients.

What about the people?

Meet the brain-pickers, consultancy aficionados, annoyingly outgoing and relentlessly creative team at IGreen Services. We work together, we build together, breaking down communication barriers online and offline as discover what personal development within professional comfort actually means.
Experience first-hand the main perk of our company: a well-rounded, full-featured approach to our team. We are aware that investing in people is a win-win deal and we never fall short of providing numerous engaging benefits that turn our workplace into a cosy second-home.

But enough spoilers; you can only fill in the list yourself by getting the insider’s perspective.