QPR Bulgaria


QPR Bulgaria is a leading provider of permanent recruitment, contract
professionals and talent management solutions. We help our clients achieve
greater organizational performance by assessing, recruiting and developing
the best and brightest people for their business. The combination of our
prestigious and loyal client base and the expertise of our staff has allowed
us to build an unrivalled reputation for the quality of our service. Our national
client portfolio spans all sectors of the industry.
QPR specialises in the provision of tailored staffing and recruitment
solutions to all sectors of the IT & BPO industry. We have also developed
valuable partnership with companies in the pharmacy and clinical research
sectors. Our retention of major clients over many years illustrates our
ability to maintain a level of service that exceeds their expectations. It is our
flexibility to accommodate the diverse and sometimes rapidly changing
requirements of our clients’ businesses that has also allowed us to forge and
foster these strong partnerships.