Галаксиматик ЕООД


Mokeez is a trademark used for our digital marketing agency and it is run by our company Galaximatic Ltd.

Our shareholder company is an European company with people having experiences in affiliate marketing, traffic acquisition, lead generation since more than 10 years.

Mokeez provides traffic acquisition services for our shareholder company and for other customers as well.

  • Perform keyword research, develop strategies and implement those strategies to consistently increase SERP rankings and organic traffic
  • Execute and oversee day-to-day AdWords/Bing campaign management to continually optimize and improve KPIs - both PPC and Display
  • Google Merchant/Google Shopping
  • Continually we stay on top of changes to Google algorithms and platforms
  • Facebook advertising campaigns
  • Email marketing
  • Landing pages design


We are a friendly team with a high sense of humor. Each member of our team has the right to freely express their opinions and give ideas that are met with greater understanding of the managerial staff.

As we are a startup, every new member of our team should be highly motivated and work in tight cooperation with the other team members.

Every job position we open has the oportunity to become a team lead position in the near future :)