Некст Ай Ти Сървисиз ЕООД


“Next IT Services” LTD has been established in October 2011, in Sofia, Bulgaria, as a subsidiary of the Austrian IT company “Die Werkbank” GmbH (www.diewerkbank.eu).

The enterprise is successfully servicing clients in the fields of IT Development, Design, Architecture and Construction Materials, creating a virtual bridge between the various fields in an innovative way.

“Die Werkbank” has the mission to create IT solutions since 1998, incl.: BIM, PIM, Desktop applications, Web databases and Web development, Content management systems, CAD software: 2D/3D/Animation for international companies such as: Saint-Gobain International; Isover, Weber and Rigips International; Austrotherm; IG Passivhaus Austria; Passivhaus Dienstleistung GmbH and many others.