SeedSet Ltd.


SeedSet Ltd. is a fast-growing product development and consultancy company operating in the data science field with our headquarters placed in Sofia, Bulgaria. Together we combine more than 30+ years of relevant expertise - leveraging data, both structured and unstructured, we will give your business the competitive boost you need in the flexible manner you want. We have a proven record track of clients from Europe, the US and local ones.

Our people - the most valuable asset we hold - are all-around true data scientists with the holistic skills the modern business requires:

  • Domain knowledge: Financial (Fintech), Automobile, Insurance, Marketing, Pharmaceuticals, Telco;
  • Machine learning: Supervised and unsupervised, state-of-the-art algorithms, deep learning;
  • Research: PhD, publications, product development; Information retrieval: text mining, chat bots, recommendation systems;
  • Tools: R, SAS, Python, SPSS, SQL & SQL Server, Statistica, Matlab;
  • People: creativity, explaining hard topics, visionary analytics, future technologies, craft beer, guitar, healthy life-style, painting, camping and many more.

We will be there during the whole process, hands-on: starting with the business case and data, through the relevant algorithms, applying a variety of modern tools. Our interim and final outputs are very well wrapped up - we are turning your data into valuable and actionable insight. SeedSet Ltd. is a core powerhorse of the

SeedSet Group family:

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