We started 50 years ago as an engineering company for business innovation in Switzerland. Today we operate globally with strong focus on empowering ideas which bring competitive advantage for our customers.

Why to work with us:

  • We are an “R&D” service company, providing the right balance of building innovative and enterprise products “in-house”, with the most technically gifted people in our industry.
  • Our self-organized distributed teams collaborate on one and the same backlog regardless of the location they are situated in. 
  • We offer dedicated budget and working hours for personal development. 
  • We employ 1000+ in-house experts /900 of them are engineers/ and we are proud with Zuhlke company know-how of 10000 successfully completed projects. 
  • All team members participate in a profit-sharing scheme, depending on the company`s annual results.,
  • We have a unique culture emphasizing quality, trust, transparency and respect. You will have the opportunity to share and discuss ideas on our internal conferences, education camps, cross-location team gathering and project success celebrations.