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We are RND Talents - the evolution of RND Solutions, a leading cloud consulting and software development company. We build on long years of experience in upskilling and engaging tech people in international environment. RND Talents bridges the gap between recruitment agencies, training companies and engineering teams through an integrated Hire-Train-Accelerate approach. We help clients design, setup and improve the kind of digital function and teams they need to win in the marketplace.  


We enable rapid scaling of tech capability through an end-to-end hiring model.

We support and execute – from recruitment message design and talent allocation through the fastest and most comprehensive skills’ vetting process on the market to empowering our clients with a robust on-boarding process. If need be, we can also add external skills on a temporary basis so that clients keep on track with projects or product roadmap.


We deliver tailor-made quality trainings in all in-demand technologies. 

We enable organizations to diversify their skills and quickly expand into new capabilities. We are software experts in technologies ranging from .Net, C# and Java through PHP, Javascript to enterprise platforms like Salesforce, SAP and Oracle.. We deliver classroom training with strong focus on practical skills, we train teams on-the-job, and we mentor new joiners to onboard them faster.


We power our client’s development teams with the skills and capacity they need to build great tech.

We launch new and expand existing software practices. We combine our people with client teams, to form high-performance teams that deliver value – fast. Clients leverage the expertise of our senior engineers to accelerate their digital agenda. We have skillful people available at short notice while at the same time, we can easily ramp down teams to allow you to focus on changing priorities for the business if need be.

Hire. Train. Accelerate. RND Talents.

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