www.lenno.com 20 - 50 employees


Fintech. A differentone. Lenno is not like the other fintechs. We are different. We are backed by amazing investors. We are profitable, which means we are here to stay. We make funding available, when banks cant. And the banks dont like us. But people do. We also create new financial products. Like financing for traders. And feel good when others copy us. We entered the insuranse market.Much more coming in 2020

It's time. For a big change. Working at Lenno is different. We are not a bank. But move faster. And are smarter. We are international. And want to be global. We do a lot of things. But we dont do waiting. We want the best. Or nothing. Tell us how you can help. Leave. And join us. We hate conflicts of interest. We dont offer stupid perks. We have long-term goals, so we offer long-term focused remuneration to everyone at Lenno. Deferred cash, stock options and equity, among other.Or did you prefer that gym card instead?