IT PROvocator
Sofia 5 - 10 employees


IT PROvocator aims at adding the missing piece and new approach to IT Recruitment. Our vision is to establish new standards in the IT Recruitment profession, which will assert a distinct value of the services provided in Bulgaria and globally. We strive to create a recruitment model, applicable worldwide, which will achieve new levels of productivity among the companies, career satisfaction and a rewarding professional development for the people. Our main goal is to identify the right people and to match the best working environment for them and their development. For us this is the success algorithm for achieving professional satisfaction and long-term dedication. We could cooperate with you in this “win-win” game for the establishment of the most powerful strategy for your sustainable business. We believe that every person needs the feeling of "being on the right place in the right time" in order to unravel his full potential. Do you have it or are you just "running in place"?

Provoke yourself.

Create more.

Be more.

With ITPROvocator.

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