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Mechatronica SC is innovative machine-building plant with highly educated staff capable of providing personalised solutions related to the packaging industry. We specialize in the design and manufacture of a unique technological equipment – automated lines for the production of laminated tubes and tube filling automatic machines, mainly used in the cosmetic industry. The factory is equipped with modern machines which allow our team to work on different projects at the same time. Mechatronica’s packaging machines are distinguished by their high quality and remarkable speed.

A brief history of Mechatronica:

Mechatronica SC was established in 1961. The company specialized in solving complex technological problems in the machine-building, electronics, food and chemical industry. Until 2000 Mechatronica was a leading factory on the Balkans for:

  • Metal melting sets
  • PVC foil melting sets
  • Ultrasonic cleaning equipment

After 2000, the economic change in the Bulgarian market affected almost every company in the country including Mechatronica which led to redirecting the company’s interest into another aspect of the machine-building industry. Since then Mechatronica has started to produce innovative technological equipment – lines for production of laminated tubes and tubes filling automatic machines.

Today, Mechatronica SC is one of the leading companies in the country and is a worthy competitor around the world. The company has many partners from different countries and is always open to make new business relations. There is a constant interest from new clients and that is why our energetic team is always ready to provide them with flexible and individual solutions.

58 years of history…and we are still growing thanks to our partners and clients.

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