www.wisecars.com 20 - 50 employees


Wisecars provides simple car rental booking experience for customers around the world. Our solution is based on advanced technologies with the purpose of being able to provide highly personalised car rental offers tailored to the needs of our renters. 

The primary goal of the company is to offer a simple and fast booking option to its clients online and through contact centers (telemarketing). Our aim is to improve the booking process – simpler and more personalised - thus being more effective.

We specialise in short term car rental, main focus on duration 1-45 (max 90) days, considering also rental by hourly basis and transfer services, primary target market being a leisure traveller.

Our product in a nutshell:

- more choice of suitable car rental products (waivers; extras etc) for the renter;

- competitive price offer (with price engine);

- data science (price, competitors’ and target analysis);

- in-depth technology focused approach.

In cooperation with its partners (car rental companies), Wisecars tests new technologies, business models and innovative solutions with the aim to make the reservation process easier, faster, more comfortable and efficient.

For the best and quickest booking we continuously develop innovative and new technologies in order to simplify the process:

- specialising in highly transactional;

- multi lingual and cultural;

- multi-currency.

Wisecars is constantly working on maintaining good relationships with customers and car rental suppliers to ensure the best service and the lowest rental price.

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