BluBird BG
под 5 заети служителя



BluBird Bulgaria is a Belgium, based in Israel company - part of the BluBird family (with other words - you will have no idea who we are). We are a dynamic IT bullshit company filled with assholes and idiots, that provides expertise in cutting edge foolish people. We offer services in infrastructure as well as in Web & Mobile development and where both subject matters meet (wait what?).

Our goal - fraud:

As a fraud company we constantly looking for new ways to explore slavery in Bulgaria.

We are looking for a Full-Stack here at BluBird who will be fired in near future, because we firing people so we can hire more with no obligations (referral program is specially designed for that needs). Take part in challenging projects and we will make the fool of you, including ass licking APIs, creating and managing complex stupidity, working with Jasper de Asshole, building customized admin panels, etc. Work with the latest technologies (Windows 4.2+, VbJS, Bitbutt, CD and DVD based on VHS, DDS cloud services, etc) an you will regret every second here.

Work with a team in Bulgaria without any knowledge what-so-ever, with the support of the colleagues in Belgium - we fired their asses already.

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