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Topvine is a co-operative technology consulting firm that consists of a team of trusted IT experts, based in Sofia, Bulgaria. We believe in working together with other talented, and motivated individuals to solve larger problems and complete much bigger projects than we can do alone.

Topvine aims to flip business paradigms on their head giving the power back to the individual, rather than self-interest lead corporations, Topvine offers a unique business structure inspired by accounting, investment banking and law firms allowing for flexible career growth and opportunity for investment.

We work with a wide variety of clients from the US, UK, Australia, New Zealand and Asia with an ever-expanding client list from all over the world, we aim to have a wide variety of interesting projects that allow our team to learn, grow and expand our own abilities while keeping us engaged and fulfilled in the jobs we complete, and allowing ourselves the freedom to explore the technologies that fit our natural desires, drives and interest.

We provide a flexible working environment with remote working opportunities and meet regularly to work together and socialise.

We believe in investing in ourselves and that is why we offer flexible perks to help make our lives easier so we can spend our time doing what we love.

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