Pharmbills LLC
more than 300 employees


Pharmbills has redefined the outstaffing industry, and we are proud of our work. We have done so by giving our clients what they need – exceptional, extraordinary people — employees endowed with a strong work ethic, industry knowledge, skills, and, most importantly, a great attitude.

We commit to assisting our clients in an actively growing phase or a merger by increasing productivity, reducing costs, and maintaining professionalism. The numbers speak for themselves. Since 2015, we have completed onboarding over 250 new customers for our clients.

From the beginning, our primary expertise was in the healthcare industry, but we’ve expanded into finance, accounting, auditing, IT support, and customer service. Over the years we have built a solid and tailormade team of 400+ experts during these years.

Your future employees are going through a highly selective hiring and training process. After finding the best candidates, they start as trainees at the Pharmbills training center to educate them further and test their capabilities. As an outcome, you are hiring a prepared, dedicated representative with a unique skill set.

We are back-office work specialists:

- Billing/Payroll

- Accounts Receivable/Payable

- Prior Authorization

- Collections

- Data Tracking Analysis/Entry Posting Appointment Scheduling

- Customer Service

- Tech Support

- Real Estate Management

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