Ел Пи Пи Фешън България

Sofia www.lpp.com/en/ more than 300 employees


We are LPP – one of the largest leaders in the fashion industry.

With more than 27,000 passionate teams we reach millions of clients worldwide.  

We operate in more than 38 countries on an international level with our five well-known brands RESERVED, CROPP, HOUSE, MOHITO and SINSAY.

Each of our brands is aimed at a different customer group, representing a different way of life, a unique way of expression and different needs.

We operate in the Bulgarian market since 2008, and since then we have continued to invest in improving working conditions and ensuring a safe working environment for our employees.

Currently in Bulgaria we have:

👫 over 900 employees

🛍️ over 80 stores across the country

Most important for LPP are the employees, working at the company.

Definitely what I like most about the company is the team. The support and friendly atmosphere is the key to LPP"s success." - Zlati Ivanov, Operation Manager, part of the company for 14 years.

Over the years, we have united around principles such as responsibility, openness, respect for others and we encourage a relaxed and creative work atmosphere. Combined with the unique skills brought by our employees, ample opportunities for professional growth and a shared love of fashion, we have created a strong and cohesive team. The family atmosphere is what drives us every day to be the best at what we do.

We have created a safe working environment that gives peace of mind to our employees and thus allows them to reach their full potential.

Each member of our family receives the opportunity for introductory and upgrading training, as well as unlimited opportunities for career development, as our priority is the personal and professional growth of each and every employee.

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