Plastic Omnium


The three pillars of our strategy

Plastic Omnium’s manufacturing journey gains an extra dimension with the new challenges being posed by the revolution in mobility. True to our historic fundamentals, the Group rests on three pillars that form the basis of our DNA.

Operational excellence

Plastic Omnium has been a manufacturer since the outset, and our operational excellence is recognized by our 93 international customers. The same exacting operational and quality standards are applied in all our 137 plants worldwide.

Two levers have shaped our strategy of operational excellence in 2020:

INDUSTRY 4.0: predictive data management, process optimization, augmented reality, Internet of Things, team training and upskilling – digitalization poses numerous challenges. From machinists to plant directors, our teams are inventing Factory 4.0 every day, with the pragmatism and determination that define the Plastic Omnium culture.

Our goals are to increase efficiency in our plants and empower our teams.

OMEGA: launched in the first half of 2020, this is a large-scale transformation project led by Chief Operating Officer, Félicie Burelle.

The aim is to improve working processes to make even greater gains in agility and competitiveness. Contributions to the ultimate objective will come from several areas: digitalization, data management, collaborative and industrial processes. OMEGA is a cross-functional project managed by a dedicated multidisciplinary team and involving all the Group’s businesses.


Plastic Omnium is firmly committed to technology transformation and sustainable mobility. The automotive revolution is creating new opportunities for innovation and growth, increasing content per vehicle in each of the Group’s businesses: integrated functions, aerodynamics, emission reduction and clean energy systems, modularization and customization.

Today’s car is evolving into a simmering open ecosystem. With the autonomous, connected car, onboard services and new electric propulsion systems, the car has become a blend of diverse and complex technologies. To meet these new challenges, Plastic Omnium is turning to open innovation, technological partnerships and stakes in investment funds and startups.

Backed by 31 R&D centers and a portfolio of 2,210 patents in 2020, the Group’s 2,500 engineers are playing their part in creating the clean, connected car of the future. Plastic Omnium placed 7th in the 2019 INPI ranking of the automotive industry.

Our ACT FOR ALL™ commitment

Given our products and our values as a family-run company, the Group by its very nature acts in support of sustainable mobility, human satisfaction and the fight against climate change.

This commitment is now consolidated and amplified in our ACT FOR ALL™ program.

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