Plovdiv santorelli.eu 50 - 300 employees


Family-owned company specializes in producing fruit products for the food industry, food service, and retail.

SANTORELLI is one of the first players in the World in the business of cherries for industrial consumption, operating in this sector for over 70 years. From 2017 is an ELITE member of the London Stock Exchange Group.

SANTORELLI operates in 3 business segments:

- frozen fruits (apricots, plums, sweet cherries, and sour cherries - IQF, pulp, and pure),

- dried fruits (cherries, prunes).

SANTORELLI creates a sustainable integrated supply chain, from field to table, with the procurement of 100% of the raw material produced in the fields, recognizing an appropriate price to suppliers, offering reasonable prices to customers, adequately distributing the value created among stakeholders and improving social and economic conditions of the people involved in the value chain. SANTORELLI provides their industrial, food service, and retail customers with the best fruit produced in nature.

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