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TheStoreMaker.com is a "Storefront Application Service Provider" which enables Web site owners to create their own private label/branded online storefront quickly and free of charge, and retain their own customers. We provide the complete infrastructure for storefronts and suppliers. For our storefront owners all content is provided. TheStoreMaker.com provides a service and the applications to connect Website owners who want to sell products and services, and suppliers who want additional distribution outlets.

TheStoreMaker.com has a fully developed travel application that allows us to provide instant one-stop-shopping travel capable storefronts for any Web site. The Travel System facilitates the sale of thousands of travel supplier's products and services and includes more than 455 airlines, 200 hotel companies (representing approximately 39,000 properties), and 44 car rental companies (representing approximately 17 275 properties).

Website owners do not have the current encumbrances or cost-of-entry related to creating and managing online stores. TheStoreMaker.com model provides the complete infrastructure including the content, transaction processing, inventory and yield management, fulfillment, and customer services.

TheStoreMaker.com is not a consumer direct model. Our strategy is to create branded travel stores for our web site partners and not compete with them.