Axway Bulgaria


Governing the flow of data

The flow of data is always evolving, and Axway is the leader in helping enterprises better connect and manage their data flows.

Axway, a market leader in governing the flow of data, is a global software and services company with more than 11,000 public- and private-sector customers in 100 countries. For more than a decade, Axway has empowered the world’s top organizations with proven solutions that help manage business-critical interactions through the exchange of data flowing across the enterprise, B2B communities, the cloud and mobile devices.

Axway leverages these solutions, along with its deep industry expertise, to help customers govern their data flows across such industries as Financial Services, Automotive, Manufacturing, Consumer Packaged Goods, Retail, Healthcare, Life Sciences, Technology, Transportation & Logistics, Government & Public Sector and more.

Using Axway solutions, our customers are able to adapt to rapidly changing business conditions including burgeoning government and industry regulations; globalization via mergers and acquisitions; evolving industry standards and protocols; increasingly demanding service level agreements, and the evolution of new kinds of data flows resulting from the explosive growth of structured and unstructured data spanning cloud, mobile, and social platforms.

Internet of things/API Economy

“Internet of Things” (IoT) is a term that encompasses the many new Internet-connected everyday objects in daily life, including household objects and even our cars. The Internet of Things has the potential to greatly enrich our lives; however, security and privacy issues must be fully addressed. Because devices in the Internet of Things rely on APIs to communicate, API Management implemented with speed and security is key to enabling the Internet of Things.

Axway Bulgaria

Axway is one of the largest technology companies in Bulgaria, with more than 170 professionals and a wide range of employment opportunities. We hire great people and encourage them to achieve their highest potential. Our company culture is defined by high energy, creativity and collaboration. We believe in hard work, a fun, open atmosphere and the autonomy to push one’s limits. Without question, our most valuable resource is our people — energetic, collaborative, creative thinkers who continuously strive to improve the products and profitability of the company.