Парафлоу Комуникейшънс ООД


Paraflow is a leading Bulgarian IT company with over 20 years of experience. As an innovator in the implementation of technological concepts and leader in the deployment of business applications, communications technologies and IT solutions the company is among the primary system integrators on the Bulgarian IT market. Paraflow has successfully implemented projects in the field of corporate information infrastructure, business intelligence and analysis, mobile sales, cloud computing and information security. The company has covered diverse market segments such as: finance, commerce, education, healthcare, public administration, public services, telecommunications and energetics. 

The abundance of IT solutions provided by Paraflow contributes to the success of the business and aligns hands with the new time of technological changes that we live in!  IT's time!

Paraflow Fact Sheet  

Paraflow offers great opportunities for career beginning with excellent business development oportunities. It doesn’t matter if you're still a student, you have graduated or you already have a professional attempt, Paraflow can give you possibilities for occupational specialization through its programs for further education and training. The company provides a job for young, motivated and responsible people, competitive remuneration package and professional development.

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