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It all starts with people.

Associated Consultants Ltd. is Bulgarian company that provides a wide variety of management and human resource consulting services. We tailor our services and expertise to give you effective, flexible and appropriate solutions in a format to suit your budget, including individual counseling, coaching, workshops and consulting. Associated Consultants Ltd. provides innovative management and human resource services designed to enable employers to meet their core business goals. We can help you get the results you need. We build relationships based on trust, flexibility and exceptional service.

The team of Associated Consultants Ltd. is comprised of professional human resource consultants who have extensive experience practicing in the field of human resources.  In addition to this internal talent, Associated Consultants Ltd. has developed strategic partnerships with other individuals to provide additional specialized services in various other aspects of human resources. For each project, we assemble an experienced team of consultants based on our client’s unique business needs. We will work with you to develop a unique approach that will illuminate your path.

Our work focuses on building and maintaining the organizational, work-unit, and individual capabilities needed to create and sustain a competitive advantage. Associated Consultants Ltd. begins each engagement by gaining an in-depth understanding of our client's business situation and requirements, and develops HR management processes that focus on the most critical factors affecting individual and organizational performance.

Our approach is fundamentally competency-based: focused on the factors that distinguish superior from average performance. We build these factors into all of our services, and use the latest technologies to implement them.

Our organization offers a comprehensive range of HR solutions:
- Recruitment and Selection of Personnel
- Executive Assessment Services
- Human Resources Planning and Development
- Team Effectiveness Evaluation
- Motivation of Personnel
- Performance Management
- Training and Development Programs
- Leasing of Personnel
- Organizational Change Management
- Outplacement
- Business Communication
- Personnel Policies and related Employment Law

Our solutions are customized to your needs.

We view each assignment as a unique opportunity to find the best solution for the client.
We form partnerships with our clients to determine the scope of our work.
We manage projects effectively and on time.
We maintain an open and constant dialogue with our clients.

It is better to know some of the questions than all of the answers — James Thurber
Let us find out for you the questions and the answers.

Best regards:

Elena Naydenova