At TrainSoft, we provide company training in the field of professional skills in working with spreadsheets. We optimize work with new Excel functionalities and help unify data from various IT applications in reports and analyses. During the training, the processes of preparation of reports, analyses, forecasts are optimized. Our mission is for every manager to have an accurate picture of the business in real time, which is presented in a structured way in tables and graphs.


We work on a system to acquire exceptional competence in a balanced combination of knowledge and skills in order to provide practical knowledge that is easily converted into new skills. Already during the training, skills are created for the specific position and the need for specific knowledge when handling tools and functionalities in electronic spreadsheets. We do not conduct trainings and consultations on generally accepted and weaponized innovations, but we guarantee to transfer knowledge and develop skills for managing the flow of data, which are required in the specific business, in the specific work environment, from the specific position! With Excel coaching, it is possible to reveal additional potential of those employed with data processing in the organization.


Our vision is to optimize for sustainable business development, encouraging personal responsibility, creativity and contribution of everyone in the organization to provide quality key indicators that can be stored and analyzed automatically for management needs.


For each company, you adapt training programs according to the specific requirements, with a view to realizing a corporate vision and achieving real measurement goals.


We use a unique educational practice of "learning by experience", perfected for more than 10 years compatible with: leading companies on the Bulgarian market, our lecturer-trainers and our client community. The methods are not interactive involving the teams in simul models, real case studies, group work with discussions. The trainings are live at the client"s office or online in a live connection with a lecturer.


The approach is not highly effective because we have built up hard-to-acquire expertise that is critically needed for most organizations in times of intense change like today"s. These are meta-skills, the result of practical experience, which go far beyond the foreign transfer of knowledge known to us since the 20th century.


We will be happy if you recommend us, we work exclusively on recommendation.

You choose when to contact me, but keep in mind that in the trial and error of processing the business, a lot of time is wasted, and the analysis may be far from the truth. I am Rosislava Borisova from TrainSoft: - contact me for Company training on optimizing work with spreadsheets.


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