Shambala Consult ltd. specialized mainly in recruiting various kinds of medical and paramedical staff - nurses, physical therapist technicians, physical therapists, MDs assistant registers, registers, specialists, consultants and etc. At the present Shambala Consult ltd. is the only licensed Bulgarian recruiting agency for medical and paramedical staff for Kuwait. We extend gradually the range of the staff we offering to our clients, so we are able to support you in your intention to recruit Bulgarian people.
Shambala Consult Company was established as Law Consulting Company in its original shape in 1994.  Our staff and technical facilities enable us to offer competent legal service to our clients mainly in the spheres of commercial and company law, obligation and civil law and procedures and International Private and Public Law.     
Shambala Consult Ltd. differentiated Recruitment Department in 1999 year. We are proud to announce you that we have a great number of clients and friends and we have already had a substantial experience in this field. According to our background and current matters we could completely convince you that Bulgarian staff is highly professional, reputable and loyal. Our main partners in this field are mainly in the private sector. They are European Medical Center for Physiotherapy & Rheumatoid, British Medical Center, Hope Medical Center for Physiotherapy, Dar Al Shifa Hospital, Al Salam Hospital and etc.
We are also supporting and our applicants offering them the full range of services like preparation of their documents (translation, legalization and endorse-ment), all kind of insurances and airway tickets reservations.
We have good relations with Kuwait Embassy in Sofia. They are supporting as in fast endorsement of the documents.
Our main principle of work is: FLEXIBILITY, QUALITY and INDIVIDUAL APPROACH

We shall be glad if we could offer you the best job in the field of Medicine in Kuwait.
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1000 Sofia
Republic of Bulgaria
Tel. / Fax: + 359 2 9863956; + 359 2 9864087; + 359 2 9899287
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